The photo on the main page shows a stone age chopping tool on display in the British Museum that's the oldest known object made by man. Found near the Olduvai Gorge by Louis S.B. Leaky in the 1930's it is two million years old. In the BBC's ground breaking podcast, The History of the World in a Hundred Objects, Neil MacGregor notes that from this moment in our history, we can no longer survive without the things we make. But even more interesting, he suggests that the care with which this tool was crafted marks the beginning of a defining human trait - the obsession, not just to make things, but to make them better. In other words, design.

How Far Can You Think?

For many years, I've thought about the future - what's possible - what we'll actually do, and what we won't. This blog is a collection of some of those reflections. Some things that seem impossible in the next five or ten years become inevitable in a hundred or a thousand. The only difference is how far you can think.